Customer Testimonials

This is the best website I have ever found. It is easy to navigate and has the best FAQ section I've ever seen. I'm amazed at how quickly the whole process happened: documents were located and delivered much faster than I anticipated. And the customer service is superb: emails are prompt, thorough and helpful.

- Carl, Kennebunkport, Maine, USA

ICGS helped me to obtain a copy of an Italian birth certificate when no other organisation in London was able to do so. The help I received regarding requesting the certificate was excellent from customer service. I would highly recommend ICGS.

- Jane, Barnet, England

Everything I needed to know about pursuing my Italian citizenship was on the website. This was such a tremendous help, and letting ICGS take care of obtaining documents from Italy and doing the translations was the best decision I made.

- Anthony, Pineland, Florida, USA

I found ICGS extremely helpful in obtaining family birth certificates with very little information. I can't thank them enough for their ongoing support.

- Melanie, Melbourne, Australia

I've been very satisfied with the service provided by ICGS. The price is very reasonable, the communication is prompt, professional and courteous and the results are there. I have already recommended to my family and friends.

- Mark, East Moriches, New York, USA

The service was good. You helped me with all my requirements and found my Italian ancestor’s birth certificate in a short period of time. Thanks, ICGS.

- Gonzalo, Quito, Ecuador

This is one of the best and most professional services I have used in quite some time, got both of my grandparents birth certificates in short order.

- John, Seattle, Washington, USA

Without it would have taken us years to navigate the maze of requirements and documentation involved in obtaining citizenship. In fact, we probably would have given up. We did a lot of surfing on the topic before we got started and found out that no other website puts everything you need in one place. This website was our home base for the whole project because everything we needed—from consulate contacts to Italian records—was all right there at the click of a mouse. The customer service is outstanding. We've done a lot of genealogy research, and ICGS' expertise in the Italian record system and responsiveness to customer needs makes ICGS an incredible value in the world of genealogy research. Grazie!

- Michael & Cindy, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The website is easy to navigate, full of information and makes the Italian citizenship process very easy to understand and begin. I recently requested two certificates from Italy through the service and had them within four weeks! (I was expecting much longer). I'm very pleased so far and am glad to have found this website.

- Scott, Reston, Virginia, USA

ICGS' website saved me weeks of doing research on my own. It is highly organized which makes it easy to find all the information that you need. I submitted a request for birth certificates for both my paternal and maternal grandparents and had them all within three weeks. I find that quite amazing.

- James, New York City, USA

Thank you so much for working with a small town in Italy to send me family birth and marriage records over one hundred years old. ICGS was patient and followed up the request with new information given over a few months until Italy answered my request. I am very grateful for your company's persistence in obtaining these priceless documents.

- Melanie, Laconia, New Hampshire, USA

I am very happy with the persistence of ICGS in locating my great grandparents' marriage certificate. It was a great help to my genealogical research. Bravo ICGS.

- Fr. Paul, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Fantastic service—finding my Nonna & Nonno's birth certificates and marriage certificate was especially impressive because the mountain villages they are from are extremely small and remote.

- Danny, Hollywood, Florida, USA

This website allowed me to fully realize my birth rights of citizenship and helped break down the process. Great resource for anyone who thinks they may want to have dual citizenship. Thanks.

- Karen, San Francisco, California, USA

The website is very easy to understand. Quick and efficient service within one month.

- Danielle, Perth, Australia

This website taught me everything I needed to know to get dual citizenship. Coupled with fast and friendly certificates from Italy, this site is a best find.

- Natalie, South Boston, Massachusetts, USA

In pursuing Italian citizenship through right of heritage I used ICGS to obtain the necessary documents that I needed from Italy. It was simple, easy and efficient. Even though I did not have complete information they were still able to find and secure copies of my documents. I can highly recommend ICGS for this purpose.

- Richard, Walnut Creek, California, USA