Naturalization Records

Determine if an ancestor was ever naturalized and, if so, discuss your consulate's requirements for proving this.

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Naturalization Records

Postby susanpichini » Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:46 pm

I am renewing this project of obtaining my Italian Citizenship. I am trying to ascertain whether my Grandfather, born in Italy in 1882 and came to US in 1905, ever Naturalized.
1. would my Father's birth certificate show if his Father was a US Citizen (naturalized)?
2. On some sites, I have found NO Records for my Grandfather on citizenship/naturalization.
3. The only census he participated in was 1920 (3 Jan 1920). My Father was three months old. I have seen the page with his information. Under the Citizenship column it asked if the person was Naturalized or Alien (as you know :) ) and the year they were Naturalized. Next to my Grandfather's name it say 'Pa' with no year listed. For my Grandmother (in different handwriting), it says 'al.' Looking at all of the other people (nearly all Italians) it clearly says 'Na' and has a year listed. It also shows what state they were living in... Pennsylvania. The census taker's handwriting for the P in Pennsylvania, is the same as the 'Pa' in the Naturalization column next to my Grandfather's name.

History: my Grandfather came to the US through Ellis Island in 1905. He met and married my Grandmother (in Philadelphia) who came over from Sicily in 1907. He returned to Italy twice after his initial immigration.... sometime in the mid 1910's, I think. He also went back to Italy, I believe, in 1927, at which time he had a relationship and fathered a son. From what I have always understood from relatives was that my Grandfather always intended to return to Italy after he retired as a cabinetmaker. He spoke little English and had the family home in Italy to which he was to return. I don't think he ever took to American life, although he did own several homes in the Philadelphia area. Unfortunately he died in 1947 at 65, just after retiring. The family home in Italy in which one of his sisters was living, would have passed down to my Father, his first son. When my Grandfather passed away, my Father and his four sisters, deeded the property to my Grandfather's sister who was living there. (Bummer!) My Father didn't talk a lot about his Dad, and he passed away in 1983, so I got more information from his one sister. She was born in 1910 and didn't think he became naturalized.

Any ideas? There are so many websites and so many different places this information could be I'm not sure where to start and what all I will need when it comes to naturalization documents/proof, etc. Thanks in advance for your advice and help. sorry this is so long winded!
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