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If you are unfamiliar with Jure Sanguinis, our site tour will introduce you to the benefits of dual Italian citizenship, the steps you must take to obtain it, and how we can help you through this process. Take the Site Tour.

Getting Started: A Step-by-step Guide to Jure Sanguinis

Before you can apply, you will need to learn more about the specific procedures for acquiring Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis. Find out if you qualify, what documents you will need, and how to get started. View our Step-by-step Guide.

How to Find your Ancestor's Location & Date of Birth, Marriage or Death

Each town in Italy has its own set of records, so we MUST know the correct location before we can request a certificate. Additionally, ICGS must at least know the year of birth, marriage or death of your ancestor. While a range of up to 10 years is acceptable, a precise date will greatly increase the likelihood and speed of retrieving your certificate. Get Help with Dates & Locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have identified over 50 of the most common questions relating to Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis, and the answers are posted here. If you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for elsewhere, then this is the place to look. Our Q&A section is comprehensive and up-to-date. Visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Documents to Download

There are a number of supplementary documents which we provide for you to download.

  1. A checklist of documents that you will need to gather. Once you've printed this, go to the Qualifying page and click on the category under which you qualify for Italian citizenship. Check off all the certificates you will need, making special note of those that must be affixed with an apostille and translated into Italian.
  2. An Application for Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis. If your embassy or consulate has its own application, use theirs. Otherwise, you must verify that they will accept the one provided by ICGS.
  3. A cover letter/declaration of comune, which you can personalize by replacing the italicized text. In this letter you must specify the comune or city hall in Italy where you want your civil status documents to be registered. It could be the comune of your Italian ancestor, the comune where you intend to establish you residency or the Comune of Rome. If you choose to register at the comune of your Italian ancestor, you should find the address and phone number on your Italian ancestor's certificates from Italy.

You must have Adobe Reader to open the checklist of documents and the application for citizenship. You must have Microsoft Word to open the cover letter/declaration of comune.

Links: Italian Embassies and Consulates

Although we provide support during the application process, we do not process or approve your application. If you wish to obtain Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis, you must apply through the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your area. View a list of Italian Embassies and Consulates.

Links: Vital Records and Apostilles in Your Country

In order to support your application, you will require documents from your own country. These records, and accompanying apostilles when required, can be obtained from your nearest Vital Records and Apostille offices. View a list of Vital Records and Apostille Offices.