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If you are an American and you fall under the jurisdiction of the Italian consulate in Houston, you do NOT need to provide translations. They will translate your certificates for you. Continue directly to Step 6: Preparing for an Appointment with the Italian Embassy or Consulate. If you are not applying through an Italian consulate in the USA, find out if you need to provide your own translations. If not, you can skip this step.

Recall that all documents requiring apostilles must also be translated into Italian. If you have any doubts about which documents need apostilles/translations, refer to your checklist or to the Qualifying page and select the category under which you qualify for citizenship. Birth, marriage and death certificates for all relatives in a direct line between you and your Italian ancestor must have apostilles/translations. For example, if you apply for citizenship through your mother-grandfather-great grandfather, you need apostilles/translations for all birth, marriage and death certificates relating to you, your mother, your grandfather and your great grandfather. If you have children under the age of eighteen, you will need an apostille/translation for their birth certificates because they will acquire Italian citizenship along with you. Documents that do NOT need apostilles/translations include:

Request Translation into Italian

One key to avoiding delays in this process is to ensure that your certificates are clearly translated into correct Italian. ICGS has partnered with an Associate member of the American Translators Association to offer you translations direct from the source, with no mark-up.

Please visit Fast Italian Translation for more information.

When one or more of your translations has been completed, proceed to the next step!